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Customs broker in Moldova.

All party parcels that are shipped across the border, required to undergo customs control. Сlearance of imported or exported goods can be carried out by the owner of goods or this will be done by a customs broker in Chisinau. In other words, it is an intermediary between the client company and the customs service, which takes on the whole range of customs procedures related to the movement of parcels across the border.

A highly qualified customs representative in Moldova will clear the goods quickly and with minimal cost. He will be attentive to all the little things and help to avoid unforeseen situations. Entrusting the parcel to an experienced broker, the customer optimizes their finances and saves their own time and nerves.

Due to ignorance of the rules or because of their non-compliance, you can get a fine or even confiscation of goods. Everyone knows that delays at the border are unpleasant for either the supplier or the importer. To prevent this from happening, it would be better for you to turn to the Iubos Logistic for help, as we provide customs activity services. The high level of service and reliability of our company, as well as the experience and professionalism of specialists in customs clearance in Chisinau, allow us to solve any problems with maximum efficiency.

Customs declaring in Moldova is necessary for those who are involved in the international transportation of various parcels. This is an expert in his field, which carries out all operations with the import and export of goods, minimizes possible risks and money expenses. Basically, customs activity include the following points:

  • inspection of the transported goods;
  • clearance of a customs declaration and settlement work;
  • clearance of commercial and shipping documentation;
  • ensuring the payment of customs duty for declaring.