Customs broker services in Moldova.

The customs representative services in Chisinau are a set of procedures that ensure the successful passage of a parcel across the border. Incorrect or belated clearance can cause a number of negative consequences, including a failure to supply, the imposition of penalties, additional costs for storage and maintenance of goods, up to complete confiscation.

The Iubos Logistic company provides customs activity services in Moldova. Choosing cooperation with us, you get a professional approach and fulfillment of all your obligations. Thanks to its many years of experience, our employees work quickly and efficiently. They competently solve problems of any complexity, and you, in turn, will save your time, nerves and money.

The process for clearance of customs documents is quite complicated and requires reliable knowledge of all aspects of tax, currency and customs legislation, as well as the availability of high qualifications and excellent skills in customs declaring of parcels of any kind. Therefore, we are ready to provide your interests will all your questions of interest and you will be confident in the quality and reliability of our company. We also have electronic declaring services in Chisinau, so that the process of clearance would go even faster.

Basically, the customs clearance services in Moldova include:

However, in the process of providing each service, we are working on the calculation of customs payments, clearance of customs declarations, obtaining certificates, licenses and other customs permits.