Customs clearance for export and for import in Moldova.

Are you an entrepreneur and do you need to clear products? What does the customs procedure for the export or import of goods in Chisinau mean? It seems nothing complicated, but you will need to register the company at customs, conclude a foreign economic contract, prepare and submit a customs declaration, take care of transportation and this is not a complete list of procedures that you will have to face.

If the customs declaring for import or export of parcels in Moldova is going with mistakes, then this will be as a result in delay for customs clearance, which in the end will bring only additional costs. Such problems can be avoided if you will order the customs broker services. Making a clearance of declaration for export in Chisinau requires a high level of professional competence, possession of all the subtleties of foreign economic activity and the availability of special skills. For this, it is necessary not only to know perfectly the customs legislation, but also to be aware of constant changes.

The key to success and prosperity of your business is timely assistance in creating documents for import clearance in Moldova by Iubos Logistic, which means making a choice in favor of an impeccable and high-quality service. We guarantee the most efficient customs clearance for export of goods in Chisinau. If necessary, we provide detailed advice on any issue.

If you want, that customs clearance, transportation of parcels or preparation of documentation for the movement of goods across the border will be without unnecessary hassle and on favorable terms, then contact us. Thus, you will be calm for your load, as you have found an experienced representative of the activity you need. We are also are working on clearance for transit of parcels, as well as the clearance for processing of goods throughout Moldova.

Iubos Logistic – The best customs broker in Moldova!