Customs clearance for temporary import or export in Moldova.

Temporary customs import or export of goods in Chisinau is such a procedure by which products of foreign production can be used on the territory of Moldova for a certain period of time, with the aim of subsequent re-export. All temporarily imported parcels are subject to various customs exemptions. They are fully or partially exempted from customs duties, taxes and other special payments.

If you plan to carry out customs declaring of temporary import of goods in Moldova and want to avoid lengthy bureaucratic procedures or unnecessary loss of money, then it is most prudent to use the customs broker services. The specialists of Iubos Logistic company have the appropriate knowledge and skills, as well as they have established contacts in the customs authorities, which allows them to carry out all possible operations for clearance of declaration for temporary export in Chisinau promptly and without unnecessary problems.

The clearance of documents for temporary import of parcels in Moldova implies the existence of a special permission, which is issued by the customs service to carry out this function. The goods are not released for free circulation until the stamp “Release is permitted” will be putted on the declaration. The same applies to other services of our activity, among which – customs clearance for transit and clearance of goods for temporary storage.

Temporarily imported parcels must remain unchanged so that during re-export they can be identified by the customs authority. This is the customs procedure for temporary export in Chisinau. Exceptions are those cases when, according to international treaties, it is allowed to replace the product itself or the changes were occurred due to natural wear and tear during transportation, storage or exploitation.

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