Clearance for processing of goods in Moldova.

Customs processing of goods in Chisinau involves a series of procedures for creating new products or repairing old ones. Goods obtained in this way are assigned the status of customs processing product and a special permission will be issued. Processed products can be re-imported, released for domestic consumption or re-exported.

Customs legislation has a complex system. The customs clearance of the declaration for the processing of goods in Moldova requires knowledge of not only our customs code, but also the countries leading to the Customs Union. Therefore, it is better to turn to professionals who know all the intricacies of their business, which means – using the customs broker services of iubos Logistic company. We also carry out customs procedures for clearance of goods for temporary storage and clearance for export and import of all goods.

You do not have to search or rent a customs warehouse and select staff, as we will take on this responsibility. Our experts will advise you on all the processes taking place in the customs sphere and will help to organize effectively the electronic declaring for processing of goods in Chisinau. We will do our best to optimize your costs and minimize the level of customs risks, and for this our people will prepare the whole package of documents, which are intended for processing of goods in Moldova.

Iubos Logistic – The best customs broker in Moldova!