Customs clearance for transit in Moldova.

International customs transit in Chisinau is a regime that involves the movement of goods and commercial vehicles across government borders. However, the customs procedure for transit of goods in Moldova is quite complicated, as there are a number of nuances, compliance with which is mandatory. In most cases, customs representative is working with the customs broker services of clearance, who is monitoring the transit and preparing the relevant documents.

To make an electronic declaration for transit of parcels in Chisinau, you can contact Iubos Logistic! We have a professional approach, prompt customer support and competitive rates. We are ready to arrange the clearance of declaration for transit of goods in Moldova as soon as possible so that your cargo follows the designated path. To do this, you need to obtain permission from the relevant authority and control the delivery between the points of internal control.

Customs clearance for transit itself requires a competent specialist who knows all the nuances and will be able to solve any problems with customs authorities at border crossing points. But there are conditions under which can be freely processed clearance of documents for the transit of parcels in Chisinau to the international market of the CIS and Europe:

  • goods must be transported in accordance with applicable law,
  • the necessary types of government control were carried out,
  • the goods must be accompanied by the necessary documents,
  • necessary customs duties and fees were paid,
  • goods were identified by dies, seals and stamps.

Our range of services also including clearance for export and for import of goods and customs clearance for temporary import or export of any goods.

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