Clearance of goods for temporary storage in Moldova.

What provides clearance of goods for temporary warehousing in Chisinau? This means that commercial goods, which were transported through the Republic of Moldova, are temporarily held in a specially equipped room or open area. All parcels of this kind are stored in a warehouse from the moment it is presented at customs until the moment of export through the border. Term of storage for goods depends on the duration of all customs procedures.

The customs procedure for temporary storage in Moldova solves the following problems:

  • guarantees the integrity of the parcel and the safety of its quality;
  • allows the owner to check the products and prepare a declaration;
  • enables inspectors to conduct an examination and evaluate the goods.

For placement in a warehouse, you need to submit a package of documents for temporary warehousing of goods in Chisinau. It is better to entrust this matter to competent specialists and order the customs broker services that Iubos Logistic are dealing with. We cooperate both with individuals and legal entities, and with individual entrepreneurs. Our company provides various services professionally for all participants in foreign economic activity, including the clearance for temporary import and export, as well as customs clearance for processing of goods.

The customs declaring for customs storage in Moldova bears the payment for entry, as well as the unloading or loading of parcels or other products for storage. While the procedure of temporary warehousing of goods in Chisinau is ongoing, you as the owner have the right to perform various actions with it: sort, repack, take samples of the goods, label the goods, split the batch and etc.

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